Governments the world over are facing the same daunting challenges in provisioning digital solutions to meet ever increasing public sector demands.

Within Australia and New Zealand, we have a large number of government jurisdictions, all of which have ever increasing pressures to evaluate new cost effective methods to deliver efficient digital public services. Associated with these transformative government services are the policies, guidelines, standards and frameworks that underpin them.

There are considerable pressures on all tiers of government to not only be transformational but to be connected. Connected Governments see the necessity to work collaboratively on the evaluation, development and implementation of new digital public services and the harmonisation of associated assets such as guidelines and policies.

The benefits are twofold:

  • supporting service providers provision portable, sustainable and cost effective solutions
  • supporting agencies achieve modern day targets for cost savings and efficiency in providing digital services.

The Open Technology Foundation is focused on assisting our member governments connect and achieve tangible benefits from a managed sharing and support programme. A programme which will address the specific interoperability requirements which form part of a modern design for digital public services.

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Supporting the Australian and New Zealand government sector in the discovery and sustainable uptake, sharing and re-use of interoperable solutions and open standards